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4 Kitchen Appliances You Need for Your First Kitchen

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When you move into your first house or apartment, there's always a list of items you'll need. From sofas to bedside tables, you may need to start from nothing before you can build the house you want. However, one area where you can't wait is the kitchen. 

When you're looking for the right appliances for your first kitchen, it's important to focus on versatility. Invest in small appliances that can help you make dozens of different dishes. Here are a few of the best, affordable appliances that can make an impact in a bare kitchen immediately. 

1. Professional Blender  
Blenders aren't just for making milkshakes. A high-quality, professional blender like the Oster® Versa® Performance Blender can do it all in the kitchen. From dicing fresh vegetables for a delicious pico de gallo to pureeing fruits for a nutritious smoothie, your performance blender helps you prepare meals big and small. Consider the Oster® Versa® Performance Blender With Food Processor And Blend-N-Go® Cups and 4-Cup Mini-Jar for an all-in-one appliance that provides you with the versatility to make whatever you can imagine. 

"You'll want the electric skillet to be one of the first things you invest in."

2. Electric Skillet 
One of the best appliances for any kitchen - new or old - is an electric skillet. While your cook space likely has a stovetop or range, it's likely not as easy to use as the electric skillet. For everything from quesadillas to stir fry, an electric skillet can cook up easily, only requiring an electrical outlet and a little counter space. Unlike a stovetop, you can accurately control the temperature of the skillet and quickly clean up afterward. 

It's a great addition if you're entertaining because it helps open up the stove and it's perfect to use on your own, so you don't have to worry about washing a dozen pots and pans at the end of the night. Versatile and easy to use, you'll want the electric skillet to be one of the first things you invest in for your new kitchen. 

3. Countertop Oven  
Don't rely on your range for all of your cooking. A smaller convection oven can make everything from snacks to meals easier to make. Compact and efficient, the Oster® Digital Countertop Oven with Convection can cook food quickly. An added bonus of using the Oster® Digital Countertop Oven with Convection is that it can help save on energy costs. You can cook a wide range of foods in the countertop oven using the convenient digital display. 

4. Roaster Oven 
Convection ovens aren't the only small appliances that can transform the way you prepare meals. The Oster® Smoker Roaster Oven lets you roast, slow cook or even smoke food in your new kitchen. This indoor/outdoor appliances, can be used on the porch for a smoky cookout or in the kitchen for a 20-pound turkey dinner. You can also use the slow cooker function to prepare a meal while you're at work for the day.