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Adopt a Healthy Philosophy with Help from Elizabeth Somer

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Elizabeth Somer, RD, says planning healthy and delicious meals for your family is fun and easy with the right foods and tools like the Oster® MyBlend® Pro Personal Blender. Somer, a dietician, suggests creating a menu schedule for each night  of the week. A great tip: buy the right ingredients in advance and take the first step in changing your family's eating habits and well-being. The good news is that eating nutritiously doesn't take any more time than eating out of a box, passing by a drive-thru or ordering take-out; all it takes is adapting a healthy philosophy.

Supply your family with a wide variety of nutritious foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk products, and protein-rich meats or beans. Make it your kids' choice to eat what, and how much, of those foods. Having only healthy options takes the pressure off parents to insist their kids eat their vegetables and clean their plates because everything on their plates will be good for them. To make life easy on yourself and your child, combine the right veggies or fruits into a smoothie for a before- school breakfast, a yummy addition to the lunch box, or an after-school snack. 

Elizabeth Somer, RD, is a registered dietitian who has carved a unique professional niche as a dietitian well-versed in nutrition research. For the past 35 years, she has kept abreast of the current research, packaging that information into her newsletter Nutrition Alert, easy-to-read books, magazine articles, lectures, continuing education seminars, spokesperson projects, and practical news for the media.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by the Oster® brand.  While I was compensated to write a post about the Oster® brand, all opinions are my own.