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What's Special About an Immersion Blender?

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Recipes often call for an immersion blender to be used, but what makes this unique appliance so useful in the kitchen? Learn about why so many people use their immersion blenders and what benefits they can give you in the kitchen as well. 

What is an immersion blender? 
A typical blender is designed with a large jar and blades at the bottom. The user can place ingredients in the jar and then set the blades to spin at different rates. An immersion blender operates similarly but without the jar. 

Rather than bringing the ingredients to the blades, you bring the blender to the food. An immersion blender has a handle that allows you to hold the blender as the blades are immersed into the food. In a bowl or pot, you can then blend the ingredients. 

Immersion blenders are great for soup. Immersion blenders are great for soup.

Why use an immersion blender? 
Because it's smaller than a traditional blender, many people may think it's less powerful or useful, but that's not the case. An immersion blender is simply different and therefore more beneficial in certain circumstances. Check out these benefits to an immersion or handheld blender. 

  • Ready in seconds - A full-sized blender is often the perfect tool for the job, but when you're in the middle of a recipe, it can take a few minutes to get set up. In contrast, an immersion blender can go from being stored to in use in just a few seconds. All you need to do is turn it on and go. 
  • Convenient - If your soup needs to be pureed, it can be annoying to take pour it all out of the pot and into the blender only to go back into the pot. An immersion blender lets you blender directly in the initial pot. It saves on time, frustration and dirty dishes. 
  • Easy to clean - This small kitchen appliance is easy to clean as well. You can run the blender in a cup of soapy water for a quick clean and the blades detach for more thorough, yet simple washing. 
  • Versatile - Soup isn't the only food that immersion blenders are great for. They can also help blend dozens of other common recipes. Immersion blenders can also come with attachments that turn them into compact food processors and other appliances. 
  • Compact and quiet - Immersion blender are small and therefore easier to store than many other appliances. They're also typically much quieter than other appliances.