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6 Perfect Secret Santa Gifts

Not sure what to get as a Secret Santa gift this year? Look no further than the Oster® brand. There are a variety of great gifts under $30 that make the perfect gift for whoever you're buying for. 

Here are six fail-proof Secret Santa gifts:

1. Oster® Metallic Red Electric Wine Opener
A must-have during the holiday season, the Oster® Electric Wine Opener in festive red pops wine corks with style and ease. This innovative wine opener enhances the wine-drinking experience, removing the cork in seconds so no pieces get in the wine, and featuring a foil cutter for removing seals. The high-powered wine opener can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge and has as simple push-button operation to make enjoying your favorite wines effortless. The Oster® Metallic Red Electric Wine Opener is ideal for parties and entertaining, but is also a great tool to have on hand for relaxing nights when you just want to curl up with a glass of your favorite white or red. 

winePop wine corks with style and ease with the Oster® Electric Wine Opener. 

2. Oster® MyBlend® Sport Bottle
The Oster® MyBlend® Sport Bottle is a perfect pick for those with active lifestyles who are always on the go. BPA-free, reusable and dishwasher-safe, the bottle fits on MyBlend® and MyBlend® Pro blender models - blend a healthy smoothie directly into the bottle, secure the lid and be on your way. The bottle fits in most car cup holders, so you can enjoy balanced smoothies and other drinks anytime, anywhere. 

3. Oster® 5-cup Food Processor Attachment
With the Oster® 5-cup Food Processor Attachment, you can transform your Oster® Pro™ 1200 or Oster® Versa® blender into a powerful food processing machine, giving you even greater versatility in the kitchen. With the stainless steel disk for slicing and shredding, you can create spicy salsa, grated cheese for pizza and toppings, creamy dips and spreads and crisp sliced veggies for flavorful salads. 

4. Oster® Single Burner Hot Plate
The Oster® Single Burner Hot Plate makes creating delicious meals a whole lot easier. An additional cooking surface is handy when cooking in a small apartments and other tight spaces, while the hot plate is also useful for keeping foods warm or preparing simple meals like soup, macaroni and cheese or pasta. This stylish and handy tool will be a welcome addition to any home. 

can opener Effortlessly open cans for hassle-free food prep with the Oster® Tall Can Opener.

5. Oster® Blender Blend-N-Go® Smoothie Kit
Know someone who's always stopping to grab coffee drinks, freshly made juices and more? Get them the Oster® Blender Blend-N-Go® Smoothie Kit so they can enjoy delicious shakes, smoothies, frappes and more anytime, anywhere. The 20-ounce cup and blade attaches to your blender so you can create smoothies and other drinks with ease, then grab the cup and enjoy on the go thanks to its secure, spill-proof cap. 

6. Oster® Tall Can Opener
Struggle with stubborn can lids no more with the sleek Oster® Tall Can Opener. With just one touch you can effortlessly open cans for hassle-free food prep that saves you valuable time in the kitchen, thanks to its precision PowerPierce™ blade and powerful magnet that grips even the largest cans. As an added bonus, the can opener also features a built-in top-grade knife sharpener. And the Oster® Tall Can Opener is about form just as much as it is function - its contemporary style and design enhances any countertop.