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The Best Wine Pairings for a Dinner Date

You've planned the perfect dinner, whether at home or at a restaurant, to impress your date. Part of the plan is knowing what wine goes with the meal. Each type of food interacts differently with each type of wine - choose a good match, and the flavors of both the wine and the meal are enhanced - but choose a bad one and your date might be thinking that something tastes a little off. If you're serving a savory meat dish or a light seafood meal, the right kind of wine helps make the meal perfect.

But luckily, it's not rocket science. Commit a few basic food and wine pairings to memory and you'll be well-equipped to make sure that this dinner date - and all the dates that follow, of course - will impress. 

Here are some wine pairings for meals you and your date are likely to enjoy. When you pop open a bottle with your Oster® Metallic Red Electric Wine Opener, you'll be ready to wow your date. 

Prime Rib and Cabernet Sauvignon
A juicy cut of steak pairs perfectly with a rich red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon - try a Bordeaux blend specifically. The oaky and slightly acidic flavor of the wine stands up to the rustic taste of the beef. A white wine with prime rib wouldn't be able to stand on its own legs. And if your date orders another cut of beef, remember: Red meat equals red wine. 

oystersOysters pair perfectly with a glass of Muscadet.

Oysters and Muscadet
Freshly shucked oysters over ice is an appetizer that signals sophistication and romance, so don't trip up your suaveness with a poor wine pairing. For these treasures of the sea, you can't go wrong with Muscadet, a variety of white wine. The grapes that make Muscadet are grown in French vineyards near the ocean, and wine experts will tell you that their seaside home infuses them with a touch of marine saltiness. Combine this quality with a light and refreshing taste, and you have yourself a food and wine match made in heaven. 

Shrimp Scampi and Pinot Grigio
Pasta is the food of the soul, a dish passionately perfected over centuries. Don't be the person to break this chain of triumph by giving pasta a bad name with an unfortunate wine pairing. Seafood and light or creamy sauce pasta dishes typically pair well with a white wine, and for the slightly sweet flavors of shrimp scampi, reach for Pinot Grigio. The white wine is just zesty and crisp enough to be the perfect companion to the buttery and lemony flavors of the dish.

Duck Confit and Pinot Noir
This traditional French dish uses every part of the duck to create a mouthwatering meal, so don't disrespect its history with a mismatched wine. Now's not the time to reinvent the wheel, so follow the experts' advice and opt for Pinot Noir. Duck confit's selling point is its fantastically fatty flavor, and the bold and acidic qualities of the red wine provides perfect balance to this richness.