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What Can You Use Your Food Processor For?

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There are many delicious foods that sometimes require a lot of extra effort to prepare. While you have the desire to create these kind of dishes, the thought of chopping veggies, mincing fresh herbs and spices or kneading dough can be overwhelming. After all, who really wants to break a sweat in the kitchen? Instead, let your food processor do all of the hard work.

Meal prep is a breeze with the Oster® Total Prep 10-Cup Food Processor, which slices and dices in just seconds. But did you know that there are many other useful ways your food processor can help out with meal prep beyond chopping veggies? Read on for some creative and unexpected ways you can use your food processor.

Bring Home the Dough
The Oster® Total Prep 10-Cup Food Processor comes with a blade that is specially designed to effortlessly knead dough. Simply add ingredients to the processor bowl and it kneads just about any sort of dough, such as pasta, bread, cookies or pizza. By making the dough in your food processor, you avoid a messy kitchen and tired hands. 

peanutsStore-bought PB doesn't hold a candle to the homemade kind.

Whip Up Dips
Planning a party? Need to bring an appetizer to a function? Just craving a tasty snack? You can use your food processor to make a range of dips and spreads, from fruity salsa and rich queso to a creamy spinach and cream cheese mix that's perfect in a bread bowl. Hummus can also be made quickly and easily with a food processor - simply combine chickpeas, garlic and olive oil in the machine and pulse away.

Better Butters
The taste of store-bought nut butters pale in comparison to that of fresh homemade versions, and you also skip the synthetic additives by making your own. Your food processor can create dreamy smooth almond, cashew and hazelnut butters, along with classic peanut butter, of course. Add a little honey or cocoa powder to make your nut butters extra delicious.

Fresh Ground Meat
Grinding meat with a food processor allows you to have more control over the types of meat you use in your recipes. Whether it be for taste preference or making a more healthy option, you have ease and flexibility with a food processor. Lightly grind beef for a Bolognese sauce, or pulse turkey for meatballs. If you need to grind large pieces of meat, cut it into smaller chunks first to make grinding easier.