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Top 10 Superfoods for 2016

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These superfoods are going to have a moment in 2016. Coming from all corners of the globe and even the sea, this year's lineup is colorful and fun. Some are old favorites getting some well-deserved time in the limelight, while others are newbies showing a lot of promise. Try the top 10 superfoods for 2016 to jazz up your diet:

1. Hemp
These tiny seeds pack a big punch. They're a great way to easily add some nutrients to your diet and are extremely versatile. Blend them into smoothies or use them to top cereal, yogurt, oatmeal and salads.

2. Algae
Sure, the dark green, slippery seaweed that washes up on the beach doesn't exactly look like something you want to put on your plate, but this year algae is getting a facelift. And with good reason - it contains protein, fiber and other compounds believed to be good for cardiovascular and thyroid health. Try algae in sushi or munch on seaweed chips for a trendy snack.

3. Cacao
We have cacao beans to thank for one of the greatest substances on Earth - chocolate. It's no surprise, then, that cacao is a superfood. Cacao beans are believed to have vitamins and minerals that promote brain and heart health. Look for raw, cold-pressed beans in the store, and try adding them to desserts and smoothies. You can also use raw cacao powder to make hot chocolate or sweeten up coffee or tea.

cacaoRaw cacao beans and powder are a sweet and satisfying superfood.

4. Black Rice
Switch things up by swapping your usual white or brown rice for black rice. It's said to contain antioxidants and is low in sugar, so it makes a great base or side for dinner meals. Cook up some chicken or pork in your Oster© DuraCeramic 12" x 16" Electric Skillet, then add black rice and a veggie like asparagus or snap peas for a delicious dinner. You can also make pudding or stir-fry with black rice.

5. Freekeh
Another super-grain to look out for this year is freekeh, a Middle Eastern wheat. It's believed to contain lots of protein and fiber and is a great replacement for the starch or pasta you regularly have with your meals, especially since it cooks up quicker than other grains. You can also try it on salads or as a replacement in rice-based dishes like risotto.

6. Lucuma
This yellow fruit, hailing from South America, is a fun new superfood to try this year. It's got lots of nutrients and is a natural sweetener, so try lucuma powder as a substitute for sugar in desserts and other sweet dishes and smoothies.

"Try munching on pickled veggies like okra or radishes."

7. Pickles
It's not just the sandwich staple that's a superfood - fermented foods in general will be having a big year. Many pickled foods are believed to contain bacteria that's good for your digestive system, and with the salt and other seasonings, they taste delicious to boot! Try munching on pickled veggies like okra or radishes, or grab some sauerkraut or kimchi, a Korean specialty made with fermented cabbage.

8. Savory Yogurt
This year, yogurt is exploring its not-so-sweet side. New savory yogurt flavors like squash and pesto will be hitting the shelves, or you can make your own by mixing in herbs and adding veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers to plain, unsweetened yogurt.

9. Baobab
The tasty baobab fruit comes from Southern Africa and contains lots of good-for-you nutrients. This year, it will make a statement in smoothies and yogurt, but you can also eat it on its own.

10. Moringa
This leafy green plant grows in Africa and Asia and is ready to have its big break here in the U.S. Try it in dishes that would normally use kale, and look out for teas infused with it. 

Diversify your meals by incorporating these top superfoods for 2016.