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4 Ways to Cook Broccoli

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If your child balks at the mere sight of broccoli, maybe you haven't tried these ways of cooking the crunchy green veggie yet. There are a variety of cooking methods that bring out broccoli's fresh and delicious flavor and that can make everyone's taste buds happy.

And with good reason - broccoli is incredibly good for you. It contains high levels of Vitamin K and Vitamin A and supports the detoxification of the body. It also has flavonoids that boast anti-inflammatory properties.

So, get on the broccoli bandwagon and try cooking the veggie these ways:

1. Steam
Just pop some chopped broccoli into the Oster® Double Tiered Food Steamer and in just minutes you'll have perfectly tender broccoli that makes a great side to grilled fish and chicken. Steaming isn't just convenient, but good for you, too - steaming engages broccoli's properties that reduce cholesterol. Steaming is also a great option because it prepares broccoli florets as an add-in to pasta, stir-fry and other dishes. And with Oster's two-level steamer, you can cook the veggie while also preparing fish or another protein.

broccoliAdd some steamed broccoli to your next stir-fry.

2. Roast
Why should potatoes get all the roasting attention? Roasting broccoli brings out its rustic flavor while adding a little sweetness. Brush broccoli with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and lemon juice. Arrange on a baking sheet and cook for 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees or until brown on the edges. This cooking method slightly caramelizes the broccoli, making it a favorite even of those who are typically broccoli-averse. Have your kids try roasted broccoli once and they'll be asking for these "broccoli fries" with their hamburgers.

3. Stir into Soup
There are some food matches that are made in heaven - and broccoli and cheddar is one of them. No other veggie pairs so decadently with the rich cheese, with the flavors of the two foods complementing each other just right. And what's a better chilly-day antidote than a warm bowl of broccoli cheddar soup? In a saucepan over medium heat combine cream, chicken broth, salt, pepper and onion powder, then add chopped broccoli florets and cook until tender. Add in shredded cheddar cheese and stir until melted. Then transfer the soup to your Oster® Exact Blend 300 Blender and pulse until smooth. Serve with a baguette for a cozy meal.

4. Puree into Pesto
Broccoli blends seamlessly into pesto and is a great way to incorporate some more veggies into your kids' diets. It also bulks up regular pesto, adding a little extra substance and vibrancy to a traditional pasta dish. Just add chopped broccoli into a food processor along with your other pesto ingredients of parmesan cheese, fresh basil leaves, garlic cloves and olive oil. Pesto is a classic pasta and pizza topper, but you can also spread this broccoli version on mozzarella and prosciutto sandwiches - don't forget a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, too.