Make sure that you have completed the initial set up before brewing
  1. Set the control dial to "Fill Reservoir." This setting prevents the water from entering the internal hot water reservoir and allows time for the carafe to be placed in position before starting the brew cycle.
  2. Place an 8-12 cup basket style paper filter into the Removable Filter Basket.
    NOTE: To avoid overflow, do not use a permanent filter.
  3. Add the appropriate amount of ground coffee to the filter - refer to the "Suggested Coffee Measurement Chart" below.

    Selecting and measuring ground coffee
    For best results, use coffee ground for use with automatic drip coffee makers. The amounts shown below are suggested amounts – use more or less to suit your tastes.

    To brew (5 oz. Cups): Use this amount of ground coffee
    12 Cups: 11 Tablespoons
    10 Cups: 9 Tablespoons
    8 Cups: 7 Tablespoons
    6 Cups: 6 Tablespoons
    4 Cups: 5 Tablespoons
    2 Cups: 3 Tablespoons

    Replace the Filter Basket in position on the coffeemaker.

    WARNING: To avoid risk of personal injury or damage to property, be sure that the filter basket is securely in place and that the carafe is centered under the filter basket before brewing begins.
  4. Fill the glass decanter (Model SB11) or stainless steel thermal carafe (Model SBT85) with 6 to 10 cups of fresh, cold water.
    NOTE: The SPEEDBREW® Coffeemaker is designed to brew 6 to 10 cups of coffee at a time.
  5. Carefully pour the water into the water fill area on top of the coffeemaker.
  6. Place the glass decanter (Model SB11) or stainless steel thermal carafe (Model SBT85) in place on the coffeemaker.
  7. To start the brew cycle, set the Control Dial to "Brew Decaf" when using decaffeinated coffee grounds or to "Brew Regular" when brewing regular coffee grounds.
    NOTE: When brewing decaffeinated coffee, the "Brew Decaf" setting increases the brew cycle time to allow the full flavor of the coffee to be extracted. Therefore, to avoid overflowing the filter basket make sure the control dial in set to "Brew Decaf" when using decaffeinated coffee.
  8. Press the Warming Plate Switch (Model SB11 only) to ON. The red Warming Plate Indicator light above the Warming Plate Switch will illuminate to indicate that the Warming Plate is on.
    For SBT85 only: For best results and heat retention, brew into thermal carafe while it is in the "closed" position. When pouring coffee, rotate the lid counter-clockwise until the "Pour" arrow on the lid points to the arrow in the carafe handle. To reduce heat loss, retighten the lid to the closed position after pouring.
    NOTE: To avoid damaging the glass decanter, the Warming Plate Switch must be turned OFF when the decanter is empty or when the coffeemaker is not in use.

    The SPEEDBREW® Coffeemaker is designed to remain plugged in with the Power Switch (located on the lower left side of the coffeemaker) turned ON except during those times when your coffeemaker is emptied for transport or storage or during times when it will not be used for several days.

    During regular operation, you might hear a rumbling/boiling noise. This sound, typical of coffeemakers that rely on displacement technology, occurs when the heater turns on and off to keep water at brewing temperature.

  9. When the brew cycle is complete and the used coffee grounds have cooled, carefully remove and discharge the used coffee grounds and filter.
  10. Make sure you turn the Control Dial back to "Fill Reservoir" before following the above "Brewing Coffee" instructions and enjoying another pot of coffee.
    WARNING: Brewed coffee and grounds, both in the filter basket and carafe are very hot! Handle with care to avoid scalding. If filter basket overflows, or if the filter basket fails to drain into the carafe during the brew cycle, do not open or handle the basket. Turn the Control Dial to "Fill Reservoir", unplug the coffeemaker and wait for the contents to cool before handling.