Can You Freeze Smoothies? A Guide to Freezing Smoothies

Many people are opting to make smoothies part of their regular diet. Depending on the smoothie ingredients you use, you can make a healthy smoothie recipe that's loaded with protein to help you recover from a workout or leafy greens and fresh fruits to help you get the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

However, if you're a person who's constantly on the go and needs your smoothies quickly, sometimes it can be hard to find to time to blend one fresh. That's why some people are opting to whip up large batches of make ahead smoothies in their professional blenders then freeze them. But freezing doesn't always lead to the perfect result.

If you simply pour your smoothie into a glass or container and then stick it in the freezer, it can lose that fresh, delicious taste. It can end up flat and dull. So can you make smoothies the night before or earlier in the day and keep them fresh? Luckily, there's one trick to freezing smoothies that won't make you lose any flavor. Learn how to store smoothies without ruining them below.

Step 1: Make a delicious smoothie recipe.

How to freeze your smoothie properly 
If you want to keep your smoothie tasting great but freeze it for later use, follow these steps. 

1. Make your smoothie
The first step to freezing the best way is making a quality smoothie. Decide what type of smoothie you want, whether it is made with Greek yogurt and protein powder, green vegetables, juice and fruit or anything else you can come up with. Then blend it together in your performance blender until you're left with a drinkable liquid loaded with nutrients.

2. Break out the ice cream maker
The key to how to store smoothies to keep them in good shape is whipping it into a frozen treat rather than letting it freeze like an ice cube. Use our Oster® Food Processor to turn your smoothie into a cold snack.

The Ice Cream Maker uses rock salt, ice and a motorized handcrank to drop the temperature below freezing and spin your smoothie into a frozen drink that isn't flat or dull. It will stay airy and full-bodied throughout the process.

3. Place in an airtight container
Scoop your smoothie out into one or more airtight containers for safe keeping. Don't let other odors in your freezer seep in and ruin your smoothie. Consider vacuum sealing for maximum protection.

4. Store in the freezer
Once your smoothie is sealed, it's ready to be stored in your freezer for a few days or weeks.

5. Take out and enjoy
Whenever you have a hankering for a smoothie but you don't have the time to make one fresh, you can pull your frozen smoothie out. Let it thaw or eat it frozen. The churning process in your ice cream maker and its airtight seal will keep your frozen smoothies just as good as if it were fresh.

Now that you've learned the easy way to save your favorite make ahead smoothies, it's time to enjoy a freshly blended smoothie whenever the moment calls for one— even if that moment is hours later. Have a healthy smoothie like our Avocado Strawberry Recipe for sweet smoothie ingredients you never have to worry about wasting. Or simply freeze our Superfruit Cacao Berry Smoothie Recipe and thaw it when you're ready to indulge. So start saving time freezing smoothies ahead of schedule and become an expert on how to store smoothies to stock your freezer with whipped, fruity goodness. Your future self will thank you!