Thai Barbecue Chicken


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Prep Time
10 Minutes
Cook Time
30 Minutes

A Thai twist on BBQ chicken that's finger-licking good.


• 3 lbs. chicken pieces
• ½ cup fresh cilantro leaves
• 2 jalapeño peppers, seeded and roughly chopped
• 8 cloves garlic, smashed
• 2 tbsp. fish sauce
• 1 tbsp. packed brown sugar
• 1 tsp. curry powder
• Zest of 1 lemon


1. Place cilantro in Oster® blender jar; top with jalapeños, garlic, fish sauce, brown sugar, curry powder and lemon peel. Blend until smooth.
2. Rub 1 teaspoon seasoning paste under skin of each chicken piece, working fingers between skin and meat. Rub chicken pieces on all sides with remaining paste.
3. Place chicken in large food storage bag or covered container; refrigerate 3 to 4 hours or overnight.
4. Preheat grill; place chicken skin side down. Grill, covered, about 10 minutes or until well browned. Turn chicken until cooked through on all sides (internal temperature should be 170°F for breast meat and 180°F for dark meat.) Thighs and legs may require 10 to 15 minutes more cooking time than breasts.

**To cook in oven, place chicken skin side up in lightly oiled baking pan. Bake in preheated 375°F oven 30 to 45 minutes or until no longer pink in center.

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