Wasabi Almonds


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Prep Time
15 Minutes


• 1 ½ tbsp. sea salt
• 2 tbsp. ground wasabi (available in Asian markets)
• ½ tbsp. water
• 1 tbsp. extra virgin oil
• 1 lb. (500 g) almonds


1. Preheat your Oster® Multifunction Digital Oven to 400˚F (200˚C) and set to Bake.
2. Add salt and one tablespoon wasabi in a mortar and mix until it turns into a fine powder.
3. Place almonds in the baking pan of your Oster® Oven and bake for 4 minutes until golden brown and you can smell a toasty aroma.
4. Transfer to a heat-resistant bowl and drizzle olive oil over it, stir almonds to coat well and sprinkle with salt and wasabi mixture.
5. Mix the other tablespoon of salt with water making a paste and use your hand to coat the almonds.
6. Transfer to a small bowl and serve at room temperature.
7. If you would like a stronger taste, add more wasabi paste.

NOTE: Almonds that are not peeled are less expensive to buy and peeling them just before using conserves their natural oils. The peeling process is very simple, place them in a bowl with boiling water and let them rest for 1 minute, drain well, dry and peel; the skin will come off easily.

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