Product FAQs

Hand Mixers

Why won't my beaters stay in the head of the mixer?

If the beaters are not staying in the head of the mixer, be sure to check that they have been inserted properly.

If they have been inserted properly, the mixer needs to be serviced by a service center. To find a service center in your area, select the service center link.

Where can I purchase replacement beaters, bowls and other mixer accessories?

Replacement beaters can be purchased online or through a service center.

Why isn't my mixer turning on?

If the mixer isn't turning on, check the following:
  1. Is the mixer plugged into a working outlet?
  2. Has a speed setting been selected?
If all of the above have been checked and the mixer will still not power on, please contact a service center.

What are the hand beaters made of?

Hand beaters are made of aluminum with a chrome plating.

How can I prevent my beaters from rusting?

To prevent beaters from rusting, make sure you wipe them dry completely after every time they are washed.

Beaters are dishwasher safe, however, for best results it is recommended to wash by hand and dry immediately to prevent rusting.

New beaters can be obtained through a service center.