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3 Warm Drinks You Can Make in Your Blender

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Traditionally people associate their blenders with cold drinks - frosty strawberry milkshakes, cool green smoothies or icy cocktails. But, just because your all purpose blender can whip up a delicious cold beverage, doesn't mean that it can't make other great drinks as well. Consider trying to make some hot blended drinks to warm yourself up this winter. 

1. Coconut Coffee 
When you're waking up on a cold winter weekend, there's nothing better than an endless cup of coffee while you eat your breakfast or read the paper. But rather than grinding your beans, brewing your joe and drinking it right away, take one more step, and use your blender to make a premium coffee drink that you'd find at a cafe. 

Set up your blender right next to the coffee machine. Once it's done brewing, pour 2 cups of coffee into your blender jar. Then, mix in a few tablespoons of coconut milk, cocoa and some sugar. Blend when ready for a frothy, creamy coffee drink that blows a cup of black java out of the water. Consider adding a pat of butter as well, for extra richness. Because of the heat of the coffee you'll likely want to leave the cap cover off of the lid to reduce steam build up. 

Keep yourself warm this winter with hot blended drinks.

2. Homemade Hot Cocoa 
Use your home blender to make some cocoa from scratch. Rather than simply opening a packet of instant hot chocolate mix, pour some milk chocolate chips, cocoa powder, sugar, condensed milk and even candy, like peppermints, into your blender jar for an unforgettable custom hot chocolate mix.

Your blender allows you to make a truly customized hot chocolate beverage. Play with type of chocolate your use - milk chocolate chips or 60 percent cacao bars - as well as the milk. You can use whole, skim, condensed, coconut or even almond. Consider using white chocolate chips or various syrups to give your cocoa a truly unique taste. 

After you get your mix tasting just right, it's time to pour it in a sauce pan, heat it up to the optimal temperature and serve with marshmallows. 

3. Lazy Latte 
If you're craving a latte but you don't want to go to the cafe and fork over $4, why not make one in your own kitchen? All you need is some strong coffee, your choice of milk and your trusty all-purpose blender.

First, brew some strong, dark coffee or espresso if you have an espresso maker. Then heat your milk in a sauce pan and pour into your blender jar. Blend until your milk is frothy. Pour the coffee into a mug and then layer the foamy milk on top of it. You should have a roughly 3:5 ratio of coffee to milk. 

The way you pour your frothy milk can make beautiful art for your guests.

Now all you need to do is sip back and enjoy. Consider trying your hand at some latte art or garnishing this specialty drink with cinnamon, sugar or crushed peppermint.