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5 Unexpected Uses for an Immersion Blender

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Immersion blenders have a number benefits over their larger relatives. Although an immersion blender, sometimes called a hand or stick blender, may not have the same high power that comes with a professional blender, it is more versatile and convenient. 

You can store an immersion blender in a drawer easily, making it ideal for small houses and apartments. Additionally, immersion blenders can whip, puree and cream a soup or smoothie while it's still in the pot or glass. You bring this compact blender where you need it, cutting down on dirty dishes and avoidable spills. 

While immersion blenders are often used with smoothie and homemade soups, they can do much more. Check out these five surprising foods that an immersion blender can help you make. 

1. Whipped Cream
Don't wear your arm out whisking fresh cream to top your waffles with. Simply pour some heavy cream and sugar in a bowl, then let your immersion blender go to work. It'll whip up fresh cream in no time. This works great for beating eggs or pastries as well. 

Whip up fresh toppings for your breakfast and dessert. Whip up fresh toppings for your breakfast and dessert.

2. Breakfast batter 
What were you planning to put that whipped cream on? Your immersion blender can also help you blend a perfect pancake or waffle batter in a matter of seconds. You don't have to worry about stirring for 10 minutes first thing in the morning or making a massive mess in the kitchen with a mixer. Simply put your immersion blender in the batter and blend away. 

3. Sauces and gravy 
This blender isn't just a breakfast tool. It can let make the best sauces for any meal from scratch. Thoroughly blend your tomato sauce for pasta, get rid of those pesky lumps in gravy and make basil pesto from scratch in a matter of minutes. 

"Eliminate lumps in your gravy with an immersion blender."

4. Homemade mayo 
If you like making sauces from scratch, try blending your own mayonnaise. Rather than spending the money on mayo from the store that's likely full of preservatives, you can make it fresh with household ingredients. Just combine your oil, vinegar and eggs in a small bowl with the immersion blender for a creamy sandwich condiment.

5. Hummus 
Are you entertaining guests soon? Bring out a tasty snack of veggies and crackers with homemade hummus. Your immersion blender will let you turn some chickpeas, salt and olive oil into custom hummus quickly.