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Cook Summer Veggies in Your Skillet

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The idea of eating better is easy, but actually making dinners that taste good and are high in nutrients can be difficult. This summer, try to eat better by cooking up fresh, seasonal vegetables in your electric skillet. They'll taste great, provide plenty of important vitamins and minerals, and you may even be able to buy locally.

What's in Season Each Summer?
The first step to roasting some summer vegetables is knowing what is harvested in the warmest months. Here are a few of the best skillet veggies that you may be able to find at your grocery store or local farmers market this summer: 

  • Green beans 
  • Bell peppers
  • Zucchini
  • Peas
  • Summer squash
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Garlic 
  • Carrots
  • Eggplant. 

There are other year-round vegetables, such as broccoli, that you can work into your summer meals for a bit of variety.

Reach out to local farmers to see when they're expecting your favorite produce. Reach out to local farmers to see when they're expecting your favorite produce.

How to Make Vegetables in Your Skillet
Because the vegetables you'll be using may change from week to week, there isn't one set recipe for you to use. But luckily, cooking isn't an exact science. You can adjust ingredients and flavors based on your preferences. 

To cook a vegetable medley in your electric skillet, start by heating olive oil in the pan on MEDIUM. As that heats, rinse, cut and prepare your vegetables. As you're cutting your beans, peppers and squashes, add a thinly minced, freshly harvested garlic clove to the olive oil. 

"Add a thinly minced, freshly harvested garlic clove to your skillet."

Start adding your cut vegetables to the pan one at a time, stirring them intermittently. Add in a little salt, pepper or seasonal herbs and spices. Keep your veggies over heat, checking them regularly and adding olive oil as needed for flavor. 

Once your vegetables are soft enough to eat and filled with flavor, serve them or put your skillet on a warming setting until your entree is ready.

One of the benefits of using an electric skillet over a normal pan is that it's easy to use while you're preparing other food for a barbecue or dinner party. The removable pan can even be taken off its stand to go into the oven or out onto the buffet table in the yard for your guests or family to grab some of these tasty vegetables. 

Adapt your recipe throughout the year as you conveniently cook up different veggies.