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Tips for Cleaning Your Skillet

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No matter how much you love cooking tasty dishes in your kitchen, you probably don't enjoy cleaning up after them. Washing your pots, pans and other cooking implements isn't just an annoying necessity, it can be downright difficult. Food, spices and grease can get caked onto your pans and be difficult to scrub off without scraping the pan. 

This is why an Oster® DuraCeramic™ electric skillet is a great option. You won't have to wrestle with sensitive pan surfaces or tricky stains. Here are a few tips to help you quickly and easily clean your skillets. 

Choose DuraCeramic™ from the Beginning 
The easiest way to clean a pan is to pick a pan that's easy to clean. Some Oster® brand electric skillets - and other products such as waffle makers - are made with DuraCeramic™. This specialty cooking surface doesn't just allow for faster cooking, it's also easier to clean. 

DuraCeramic™ skillets simply don't let food stick to the interior. However, unlike other nonstick surfaces, it is also scratch resistant, won't flake or peel, and is significantly more durable. If you choose a DuraCeramic™ skillet, cleaning will be as easy as wiping your pan down and setting it out to dry.  

Just wipe your skillet to clean after using. Just wipe your DuraCeramic™ skillet to clean after using.

Fight grease with baking soda  
If you find your pan ended up with a little caked-on grease that average dish soap isn't cleaning, consider using baking soda. Mix baking soda with a bit of water to create a white paste, then rub this mixture onto your grease or food stain and leave it for a while. Later, scrub away the stain and the baking soda. Unlike many chemical substances that help remove grease, baking soda is safe for use on a cooking surface. 

Scrub smart 
Electric skillets are amazing appliances that can make kitchen cooking easier and more fun. However, you have to be smart when using one. Remember never to clean your skillet if it's still plugged in. Additionally, don't submerge the electrical components. 

Many people clean their skillets while they're still warm to let the food come off more easily. If you choose to do this, use caution to ensure that you don't burn yourself.