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How to Choose the Right Blender

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Overwhelmed by the wealth of blender options out there? Don't be. Here are some questions to ask that will help you choose the right blender for your needs.

What Will I Use It For?
To get the most value for your money, think about what you'll be primarily using your blender for. If you are simply a casual smoothie maker who enjoys a breakfast smoothie now and then, the Oster® Accurate Blend™ 200 Blender is a great choice because it will blend ice and frozen fruits with simple settings that make it easy to use with just a push of a button.

Accurate BlendThe Oster® Accurate Blend™ 200 Blender is perfect for casual smoothie makers. 

For healthy, active lifestyles, a higher-powered blender is very useful. The Oster Pro™ 1200 Plus Smoothie Cup boasts 1200 watts of power for versatility to blend leafy greens into delicious smoothies, prepare fresh salsa, dips and sauces, make homemade baby food and more. It's designed with a wider jar and base so food can blend easily, plus a Smoothie Cup is included with purchase. 

Smoothie CupThe Oster Pro™ 1200 Plus Smoothie Cup is great for making healthy green smoothies. 

How Much Space Do I Have?
Those who love to use their blender for a variety of different tasks, consider blenders that include additional attachments like food processors, multiple blades and reusable bottles. These extras make prepping and cooking easier.

Personal BlenderThe Oster® MyBlend® Pro Personal Blender saves time on busy mornings.

Another consideration when selecting a blender is how much space you have. If you live in a dorm or studio apartment, a compact and single-serving model like the Oster® MyBlend® Pro Personal Blender is a good pick, because it takes up less space than a regular blender and saves on prep and cleaning time because it blends directly into a portable, insulated, dishwasher-safe sport bottle.

Do I Need A Blender That Does More?
While many people use their blenders just to make healthy and delicious smoothies, you may want to opt for a model that has a high wattage and includes multiple attachments. Blenders with a food processor attachment, like the Oster® Heritage Blend™ Kitchen Center Blender, greatly expand the range of dishes you can prepare.

Heritage BlendThe Oster® Heritage Blend™ Kitchen Center Blender allows you to make a variety of unique dishes.